the blog
Hungry + Foolish is a creative business and lifestyle blog, offering inspiration, actionable advice, and ideas for creative entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to uncover the textured reality of the new creative journey. At H+F we want to inspire, educate and celebrate the artist, the entrepreneur, the freelancer and anybody else looking to join the party. Inspired by the evolving forms of today’s creatives, H&F explores the intersections of creativity, entrepreneurship and our shifting values as creators and consumers.

Hungry + Foolish is written by Freza Palermo, a Los Angeles-based fine artist manager and business development and marketing consultant for creative entrepreneurs.


the studio
Hungry + Foolish Media is a boutique business development, branding and marketing consultancy. H+F Media offers business development, content creation, branding and digital marketing services, specializing in creative and luxury brand work.

the voice
Freza Palermo is a writer and an entrepreneur navigating post-grad life in a post-everything world.

After graduating with a degree in Globalization Studies from UCLA, she began her career in the world of fine art as an artist manager  for a Los Angeles artist collective. Soon after she began her own freelance work as a business development and marketing consultant for small creative businesses. Her observations of, and work within, the rapidly evolving fields of fine art and creative entrepreneurship led Palermo to begin writing Hungry + Foolish.

When her laptop is closed for the day, she spends her time reading old books, discovering new music, cooking good food and watching really bad movies. You can find her (and H+F) on social media at @frezapalermo.