is a website dedicated to creatives of all types: artists, designers, writers, freelancers, artisans and entrepreneurs. AGHARTA aims to empower creatives with weekly inspiration, actionable advice, and simple, effective writing on what it means - and what it takes - to be a creative today. 

AGHARTA is written by Freza Palermo, a Los Angeles-based gallerist and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs. After graduating with a degree in Globalization Studies from UCLA, she began her career in the world of fine art as a gallery director for a Los Angeles artist-run gallery.

After noticing the lack of resources for clear, actionable advice available to her artists, she began her own freelance work as a business development, branding and marketing consultant for emerging creatives. Her work in the rapidly evolving fields of fine art and creative entrepreneurship led Palermo to found AGHARTA, a website and design studio dedicated to illuminating the various messy, beautiful, and winding paths to creative success.

STUDIO AGHARTA offers branding, web development, content creation, and digital marketing services, specializing in creative and luxury brand work.

Whether it’s helping small brands grow their online presence through our studio services or inspiring adrift creatives with our blog content, AGHARTA aims to help other creatives find - and reach - their True North.